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 My auntie

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PostSubject: My auntie   Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:11 pm

My auntie Jackie was more of a mom to me than my own mom ever was.
She used to have my eldest son every weekend when i first had him so i could be a "teenager" as she put it.
When i had my second son she didnt have my eldest as she told me it was now my responsability to look after them but she was there regardless.

I moved just doors away from her and we saw each other everyday.
She would knock my door and take my youngest ds out while i went to collect eldest from school,or she would just have him for an hour or so so i could get on with my house work.

Me and her daughter had a very rocky relationship she was a very typical teenager, by now i was 21, she was just 17 but very immature.

Anyway one day me and my cousin had a huge row and she threw my youngest son through my front door in his buggy, goes to say i went mental.

We ended up having a full on fight outside my house to which my auntie jumped on me and my mom had to break it up, I can totally see why she jumped on me i was beating her daughter she was doing the motherly thing.

After she began slagging me off screaming and shouting abuse at me and refusing to leave my house, so i called the police which infuriated her as she does not like people who snitch!

The weeks that followed were dreadful she used to stop me in the shops and verbally abuse me and threaten me while i had my kids with me.

In the end i went to the police because she was coming down in the early hours of the morning trying to get into my house,
The police told her if she didnt leave me alone she would be arrested and charged with harrassment.

Thankfully she stopped the abuse and we just began living seperate lives although i missed her so much.

On my eldest sons first day at primary school, while walking to school an ambilance and police car went flying past us towards our house but i thought nothing of it.

After id dropped him off i went to my friends house, Id been there about 10 minutes when i recieved a call from another auntie who NEVER rings me.
She was crying and said "Jodi, Jackie is dead"
I dont really remember much after that phone call but i remember going to the hospital where all my family were, when i got there i went to the family room where i saw my cousin.
I put my arm around her and said sorry and she flew for me saying id killed her mom, it was my fault ?

That crushed me so much to think she could say that to me when she knew just how much i loved her mom.

I went to the funeral and although i know they are not somewhere that should be enjoyable this was crucifying.

As the hearse pulled up at the crematorium everybody just froze and was silent then as they pulled the coffin out of the back my cousin collapsed on the floor crying and saying "i want my mommy"

I was around 6 months pregnant at the time and i thought I was going to die i never felt so much pain in my life.

My heart felt truly broken and i never ever thought id get over it..

I never found out the sex of my baby as the legs were held tightly closed,
When my daughter was born i KNEW then that all the heartache with my auntie was forgotten and she forgave me.

I will never ever get over her death as i never had chance to tell her how grateful i was for all she done for me and how much i wished she had of been my mom and not my auntie

It turned out she died because her appendix burst after she'd been to the hospital and they sent her home with a diagnosis of a water infection.


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My auntie
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