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 Tom's story..

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PostSubject: Tom's story..   Mon Mar 17, 2008 4:24 am

I enjoyed being pregnant with Tom as he was planned and I didnt have the horrendous bleeding/pain as I did with Em.

Again, I didn't find out the sex but at a late scan the woman said do you know what your having at that mo I looked at the screen and said I do now!! It was pretty obvious.

My bp probs started at about 30 weeks and I was pretty much in hospital till I went into labour at 34 weeks.

Had a very quick labour had pethadine which I loved as it made me feel drunk, my hubby kept freaking out though as I kept falling asleep in between contractions.

My labour only lasted for 2 hrs start to finish. When I was pushing the midwife said oh my God that's a bottom!! we will have to push it back in and give you a section. I said "Will you fuck" and carried on pushing and out he came bottom first!! Apparently its rare for a baby to be born breech so it caused quite a buzz around the hospital!

The next morning he was blue and freezing I told the M/w who took his temp and puit him on the heater it was roasting outside and I was sweltering, we stayed in a few days as he had that then jaundice too.

I had to bottle feed him as he wasn't strong enough for breast feeding, which upset me as I fed Em till she was one.

Finally got to take him home and felt very blessed to have my perfect lil family.

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Part of the family
Part of the family

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PostSubject: Re: Tom's story..   Mon Mar 17, 2008 6:14 am

ahhhh bet he gave you a shock wen he was blue,,,,,,,,, lucas still turns blue ,,

liz xx
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Tom's story..
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