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 lastly Kaytlyn

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Part of the family
Part of the family

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PostSubject: lastly Kaytlyn   Sun Mar 16, 2008 6:13 am

my little girl who i was convinced was a boy,,,,,,,,,

cuz of being diabetic now i was at the hospital every week untill she was born ,,,,, can you imagine that ,,,,,,,, bloody hated it

had lots of scans, every two weeks,, still hated them and was now having panic attacks ,,,,,,,,,,

the docs decided to induce me two weeks early as she was getting very big,,,,,,

didn't really like that idea bt wot had to be done had to be done ,,,,,,,,,,,

i asked for an epidural early ,, diidn't want the pain like i had with kristian (still remeber)
things went very slowly,,,,, i had to put on a sliding scale,,,,,, which is ,, in one arm i had a drip with insulin and in the other arm i had a drip with gloucose(sp),,,, to keep my blood sugars stable,,,,

her heart beat kept slowing down,, then ok ,,,,,,,, this had gone on for a while so they decided to do a section,,,,, i had signed forms and was ok with things,,,, they told martin to go and have a break as it wudn't be for a while ,,,,,,,,, anyway everyone had gone ,,,, and i stood up cuz of all the things i was attached to i cud only walk a few steps,,,,,, wen suddenly i felt faint and nearly fell,,,, so i called for help and all hell broke loose ,,,,,,,, cudn't find a heart beat so they rushed me down to theater,,,,,,, it was sureal like i was watching it happen ,,,,,,,,,, i was very scared all i cud think of was she is dead ,,,,,, i got this far and now she is dead,,,,, perviously had a miscarriage,,,, martin came in looking really funny in theater clothes,,,,, well i thought so after ,,, i was pumped so full of drugs that i cudn't feel my arm,,,,,,,, and wen i heard her cry was the happiest sound i had ever heard,,,,,,,,,

she was too big to enter the birth canal,,,,,, and now she is a tiny tot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

she was 9 2 1/2 born and lost 3.5lbs in the 1st week ,,,,, the docs weren' worried though as that then put her at a normal birth weight (she was so big cuz of me being diabetic)

so three eventfull pregnacy's,,,, bt no more

liz xx
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PostSubject: Re: lastly Kaytlyn   Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:39 am

You should send your stories into take a break or something Liz you make a fortune;)


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lastly Kaytlyn
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