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 now for Lucas

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Part of the family
Part of the family

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PostSubject: now for Lucas   Sun Mar 16, 2008 5:51 am

right from the start i loved being pg ,,,,,,,, bt all along i though there was somthing wrong ,,,, cudn't put my finger on it though,,,,,, went for routine scan ,,,,,,, again hated it ,, was asked if i wanted the AFP blood test i intended to say yes bt no came out ,,,,,,, so amen i thought that was meant to be,,
went in hospital wen i was 32 weeks as thought i was going into labour,,,, pains were that bad i cud hardley walk,,,,,,,, had another scan and the docs decided to leave it as all pains had stopped,,,,

nothing else happened untill i went into labour,,,,,,,i did ask for an epidural bt it was too late ,,,,,,,, the pain wasn't too bad really i just though it was going to get worse ,,,,,,,, then i remember saying i want a poo,,,,,, i was told i didn't i wanted to push,,, told them don't blame me if i shit all over the bed then,,,,,,,, of course i didn't ,,,,,,, it was lucas three pushes and he was out ,,,,, didn't need any stitches either,,,,,,
there was a little scare with him,,,,,,,, 1st there was no water ,,,, then his heart beat dropped,,,, then meconium came out ,,,,

so i was put on a drip in case i needed to go to theater,,,,,,

wen they handed him to me he was so chubby and rosey cheeked,,,,,, then he started to cough and meconium came out of his mouth and all colour drained from his face,,, like in cartoons ,,,,, i called for help and he was taken to scbu,,,, to be given anti-biotics ,,,,, they took a pic of him and i loved him and liked him,,,,,,,, i felt enormous relief that it wasn't like Kristian,,,,,,

the nxt morning my world fell apart i was told my beautiful little baby had Downs Syndrome,,,,,, i was so scared of people with downs as i had been grabbed by a young woman and nearly had the life squeesed out of me(ok slight exageration),,,,,,,

he had lots of problems also,,,,,,, his liver and spleen were enlarged,, he needed to be given oxygen,,, he needed double phototherapy,,,,,,,, and wasn't digesting milk,,,,, he was very poorly

over the nxt few days they found out he had a hole in his heart,,,,, wen they started treating it his liver and spleen reduced to normal size,,,,,,,

then i was told he wud need open heart surgery to repair it or he wud die,,,, my head was all over the place ,,,

i was so tired that i decided not to go to the hospital one day wen i foned to see how he was i was told he was being transfered to Birmingham childrens in heart failour and needed operating on urgently,,,,,he was three weeks old,,,,,,,,

he had his op wen he was 6 weeks old and look at him now

liz xx
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PostSubject: Re: now for Lucas   Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:37 am

God Liz you dont have it easy do you hun?
He has been through a lot and look at him now cheeky chappy:)
Well done Lucas you brave little(well big) man:)


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now for Lucas
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